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Andrew Finney and his team wants to empower clients to ensure that they have the best Las Vegas real estate experience possible. Andrew Finney shares exclusive tips and tricks to help anyone find a realtor they like and trust.

“Horror stories abound of people finding agents, being referred to an agent or finding out their agent isn’t up for the task. So how do you know you are selecting the right agent, one you can trust?

Consider these tips when looking for a home:

  • How many homes has the agent closed?
  • Does the agent have any client testimonials from real people sharing their experiences?
  • Does the agent want to meet you somewhere other than their office for the first visit?
    • More established and professional agents will schedule an appointment to meet you at the office to meet in a central, safe location and establish the financing plan.
      Has the agent sold many homes?
  • What are the current market conditions and trends, and how long is a home staying on market before selling?
  • Discuss what houses are selling for in your area and how your home’s value compares.
  • Ask what their strategies are for selling your home.
    • A passive agent will take your listing, take a few low quality pictures and put up a sign.
    • An active and motivated agent will have several strategies and ideas in place to promote your home and will break down their plan for your home’s listing. 
  • What’s most important to you in your real estate agent? An excellent and skilled agent will have excellent communication skills, knowledge of the market, professionalism and integrity.

Asking yourself these types of questions can help you weed out the agents that are looking for a quick sale without doing much work to help you understand the process. Achieving your goals of selling your home or purchasing a new one is possible when you find a real estate agent that genuinely cares about your needs.

Do you have other questions for the real estate community? Looking for more tips and answers? Contact the Andrew Finney real estate team to get the help you need.