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What is a Free Market Analysis?

When it comes it comes to selling a home it is important to assess the current Las Vegas real estate market conditions and home values with a comparative market analysis (CMA) also known as a free market analysis.  A comparative market analysis is a study of the current estimated market value of recently sold homes like and kind to your home.

The  comparative market analysis is only one tool your real estate agent will be happy to provide you.  Then it’s time to discuss the comparable home values with you and assist you in determining the best price to list your home to sell in the current Las Vegas real estate market.

A comparative market analysis begins by finding homes in your area that have sold within the past three months. If this three month window doesn’t provide enough data, the period can be extended to six months. The area of the search should start small, within a .5 to 1 mile of your home and expanding outwards if necessary.

In Las Vegas real estate, the homes that you use as the basis of your comparison are called comps for short. In general, at least three sold comps are required to provide an accurate account of what the current market value of your home is and these comps should be similar in age, size, features, and benefits as your home.

While a comparative market analysis can sound confusing, you don’t need to worry because the Andrew Finney Team of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, NV Properties knows exactly what to do for you. Our experienced team of REALTORS will take the time to study the market conditions, pricing trends, and dig deep into the research as we complete our due diligence giving you the most accurate comparative market analysis possible to provide you an honest assessment of your home’s estimated fair market value.

The Las Vegas real estate market is a high paced constantly changing market like the waves of an ocean.  Put the best Las Vegas real estate agent to work for you!  The Andrew Finney Team will keep you and your best interest safe from harm navigating you into the safe desirable harbors of getting your home sold.   Let our team of professionals take the helm.  Contact us today!

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