Sell a House in Las Vegas- Seven Things to Sell Faster
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Sell a House in Las Vegas- Seven Things to Sell Faster

Sell a House in Las Vegas- Seven Things to Sell Faster

Interesting factoid… What helps sell a house faster usually is also what helps sell a house for more.

Shockingly enough, just having it priced right or even low isn’t the key.  It’s helpful for home sellers to view their home as a product, much like a favorite product in a favorite store.  In doing so, sellers realize it’s best to look through the lenses of it being something to market and not a home.  Looking to sell a house from this perspective will result in a fast sale at a great price.

Try these 7 things to sell a house faster:

1.   Curb Appeal- Staging the Yard

What’s the first thing you notice when looking at a home for sale?  If you are like most home shoppers, you’ll pull up to the curb and take a look, hence the term “curb appeal.” Right or wrong, home buyers form a quick first impression of how desirable your house is by how it looks from the outside. First impressions really are everything, aren’t they?

Sell a House Fast- Staging the Yard
Sell a House Fast- Staging the Yard

Keeping your front yard well-landscaped and beautiful lends a hand to great first impressions that, ideally, continue as a prospective buyer walks into your house.

A few added “to-do’s” on the old honey do list will get the front yard looking fabulous again.  Pull the weeds, rake any leaves or blow the rock if you have xeriscaping, trim hedges, and prune trees, make your yard look the best on the street.  Now, you can work on staging the yard.

Add anything that is needed or needs to be replaced.  Such as: new plants, grass, mulch, or rock which will always bring your yard to life.  Don’t go overboard though, keep a balanced and realistic budget in mind.  Major projects like a new driveway or adding new façade to your house should be avoided, unless absolutely needed.

2.   Play house keeper- that’s right… time to clean, clean, and clean some more

When’s the last time you had your home professionally cleaned or went over to a friend’s house that was just cleaned?  Let’s be honest, isn’t it amazing walking into a freshly cleaned home that not only looks clean but smells great!?   Enough can be said about the seemingly super-natural power of a deep cleaning job, inside and out.  Take it one step at time.  Begin on the outside after you complete staging the yard.  Pressure washing the exterior and cleaning the windows are great starting place.

If you’re considering re-painting the house, try cleaning it up first, you may be able to pocket the extra coin after you see how nice it looks after cleaning.  Most of the time, just removing that pesky dirt and grime is enough to brighten up the home’s look.

Ok, time to take peek inside… Homeowners need to get into every nook and cranny to remove dust, grime, and dirt.  The same goes for those annoying little water bugs and spiders that seem to come out of nowhere and live and die in the corners of rooms.  So, where should you focus the most time cleaning?  To sell a house faster the main attraction is the kitchen and bathrooms.  Take extra time to strip off all of those little bumps in the granite, clean, and re-seal the granite.  Don’t have granite?  If you have tile, ensure the grout is spotless.  If corian, polish it to a reflective shine.  Anything else?  Well, you get the idea… Clean, Clean, Clean.  The newer a home looks the easier it will be to sell a house, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.

You may be wondering, “why should I take the time to do all this cleaning?”  Simple… The vast majority of buyers want and like move-in ready homes.  In a lot of cases, they will even pay more for them!

3.   Contractors ‘R’ Us- remodel or upgrade

Ever heard the saying the devil is in the details?  Taken in a different context, to sell a house it’s much the same.  In short, the smallest improvements can yield the largest returns.  Consider:  new trim (window casings, door, baseboards, and crown molding), fresh paint, and possibly new flooring (if carpet).  These projects, especially the trim, come at minimal expense when factoring the increase in your return on investment.

Want to take it to the next level?  Try upgrading the appliances (key note: ensure all appliances match and preferably are from the same manufacturer), fixtures such as for lights and faucets, and replacing windows.  Not only will your house look newer and nicer, it will help to sell a house faster.

Only when absolutely necessary, should major renovations be considered.  Major renovations are: replacing the kitchen, bathrooms, and flooring.  Even though major renovation projects can add to your bottom line, one needs to weigh the cost in terms of finances, time, and estimated return.

4.    Declutter, Depersonalize, and stage the home

To better prepare to sell a house, put away any personal photos, collectibles, and valuables around the house.  The “trinkets” sellers have should be put away so a buyer can imagine themselves living in the house.

Next up is to look around the rooms of the house and take out any excess furniture not needed.  The aim here is to open up the house to show its true size, features, and benefits.   While doing this, hold fast to the adage, “less is more.”

Make it easy for buyers to see the expanse of each room and visualize living there with their own stuff.

Sell a House Fast- Home Staging
Sell a House Fast- Home Staging

In essence, to sell a house, decluttering and depersonalizing the home will appeal to most buyers.

Home staging is often taken for granted or completely dismissed by both agents and sellers, usually because of the associated costs. However, it seems that buyers, sellers, and agents all agree that home staging increases the value and appeal of the home.  Consider working with an agent that has a “good-eye” for arranging your furnishings and knows when to call in a home staging professional if needed.  Often, home staging is an additional expense paid for by the seller to sell a house.

5.   Get professional photography and marketing

Whomever you choose to sell a house, ensure the agent hires a professional photographer and has a strong marketing plan of action.  Far too often home sellers don’t question agent’s about the type of photography, quality or quantity for photos, or the agent’s marketing plan of action.

Large real estate sites like:,,,, etc… report as many as 90% of folks begin their home buying and selling adventure online.  See the report.  In today’s ever changing real estate market, it is imperative to have a tech savvy agent that is fluent in various marketing methods to sell a house.

Essentially, to sell a house is akin to a match-making service.  The better the house looks the more rapidly it appeals to more buyers resulting in selling faster.

6.   Match Making… Not only for singles looking for love

To sell a house, continue with viewing it from the paradigm of a favorite product.  The more enticing the wrapping, curb appeal, the more beautiful the personality, cleanliness and home-staging, and an attractive price to buyers the quicker your home will not only grab attention but get sold.

Preparing to sell a house is a lot like getting ready for that first date with your significant other.  Obsessing over the most minute of details before putting a home on the market and getting everything right will yield a great life experience for the seller.

Keep in mind, from a buying perspective, it really is similar to a long-term relationship or marriage… Most buyers will be “marrying” a 30-year fixed rate loan to finance their new home.

7.   Sell a House Fast- price effectively

A great agent will analyze recent sales in your area and discuss a pricing strategy with you to entice qualified buyers to make offers. Pricing a home isn’t the same as pricing a car, tv, or any other product for that matter.   In all honesty, what a buyer is ultimately willing to pay is rarely the starting list price.  It all depends on your pricing strategy.  Pricing at fair market value or slightly under generally yields the greatest results with the most showings and possibly multiple offers.  In the case of multiple offers, the probability exists that you may receive a higher than list price offer.

To sell a house in the Las Vegas real estate market, the best practice is price just a bit lower than fair market value to attract the most buyers.   The reason this tactic works to sell a house is because the home is visible to more buyers and appears to be a bargain relative to other home prices.  Who doesn’t jump for a bargain?

When this pricing strategy is combined with all the previous steps and a highly skilled real estate agent, buyers see a gorgeous home in near mint condition at an attractive price.  Naturally, they will clamor to make offers on your unique “move-in ready” house.

Take Action

Ultimately, three main factors contribute to sell a house faster: cleaning, staging, professional marketing by a skilled agent and their expertise.  Of course, pricing is crucially important, however the price buyers offer will be greatly influenced by the other three key points.

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