Three House-Hunting Tips for VA Home Loan Buyers
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Three House Hunting Tips for VA Home Loan Buyers

Three House-Hunting Tips for VA Home Loan Buyers

The Veteran Affairs, VA home loans offer massive benefits for qualified buyers.  Just a few key features, a VA home loan is: no money down payment, no mortgage insurance, and negotiable interest rates.

What’s the catch?  None, if you’re Active Duty, Retired Military, or a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

Do you Qualify?

The VA Home Loan is a specialized loan program aimed at helping active duty military and veterans purchase safe, sound, and sanitary homes for sale.  Which means, some houses for sale are a better fit for a VA home loan buyer than others.  Most notably, the houses for sale must meet the VA home loan requirements for health and safety.

Here’s a sneak peak of three house-hunting tips for VA home loan buyers.

1.   Find a VA home loan savvy agent

An absolutely crucial first step for a buyer using the VA home loan program is to find a military-friendly real estate agent with experience working with VA home loans.  Military-friendly real estate agents often have a special credential called, “Military Relocation Professional.”

The MRP is a specialized certification distinguishing agents friendly to the military. Military Friendly Realtors usually have a Military Relocation Professional (MRP) certification

MRP agents are familiar with the VA Home loan process and helping to find great houses for sale.  Often times, active duty military have very short buying windows when they receive a Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

Military friendly real estate agents are dedicated to giving back to the men and women who have worn the cloth of our nation.  Adding these agent’s dedication to our military and knowledge of houses for sale, makes the VA home loan buyers home buying journey much easier.

2.   Locate move-in-ready houses for sale

A great guiding principle for VA home loan buyers is to remember the VA has minimum property requirements.  An easy way to view homes and gauge the houses for sale viability is to remember the three “S’s.”  The three “S’s” are:  safe, sanitary, and structurally sound.   Houses for sale are more probable to pass the VA appraisal and save VA buyers headaches down the line that meet these criteria.

Move-in-ready homes are more more likely to meet VA home loan requirements
Happy move-in ready home

Fixer-uppers may or may not meet the three “S’s,” so be cautious when viewing these houses for sale.   These types of houses for sale are most likely to rally concern if they don’t have: heating, roofing, and safety features.  Additionally, with houses for sale in Las Vegas, they also need functioning air conditioning.  Any major repairs or conditions noted by the appraiser must be corrected prior to closing.

VA home loan buyers are wise to ensure houses for sale they like meet the VA’s outline for acceptable use.  Be wary of manufactured homes and houses for sale in disrepair.

2.   Understand the VA home loan buying process

Great planning equals even better results!  VA Home loan buyers, take some time to review the overview of the VA home buying process.   Your military- friendly real estate agent is happy to answer any of your questions.  Most likely they will give you a simplified process that is easy to understand clueing you in on the benchmarks of closing on your new home.

Your Roady to Buying a VA Home
VA home loan buying process


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