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Different Ways to Stage Your Home for Sale

Staging is an important aspect when putting homes up for sale in Las Vegas. The point of staging is not to show potential buyers how you lived in your home. Rather, staging allows you to show your home in the best light and inspire ideas of how they would live if they buy this particular Las Vegas real estate.

Here are some savvy real estate staging tips to get your home sold.

Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

1.  Decorate in Triangles

When selling your Las Vegas real estate, no one wants to enter a house and feel claustrophobic or empty. They can form a negative opinion of the house. You want to create a flow energy.staging-real-estate

When moving your stuff out of the house, stage with dimensions. Move couches in a triangular pattern. If you don’t have three couches, incorporate a bookshelf, armoire or television in the pattern.  Even with smaller, light pieces continue the triangular pattern. By doing this, it will make the room more dynamic and energetic. This will engage people more than a bare or stuffy room without any coordination.      

2. Neutral Colors

While you may have enjoyed your red and purple stripes in the living room, and found your neon pink and dark green bedroom tasteful, potential buyers may not.
You can be amazed how an entire feeling of a room can change with a coat of paint. Choose neutral and cool colors, such as green, blue and white. Not only are they trendy, but their classical and elegant look is noninvasive and will not distract potential buyers.

A burst of colors and personality can be made with easy-to-move decorations, such as pillows and simple paintings.    

3.      Clean, Clean, Clean!

Nothing can spoil a tour or offer when a potential buyer smells something fishy in the deal. Clean the carpets, wash the walls and sheets, air out the garage, dust the furniture, set up air fresheners around the house. Every detail counts.

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